25 New Game Trailers 2019 WEEK 4 Gameplay, Updates & Releases

New Game Trailers & Gameplay Week 4 January 2019.

Games List:

00:05 League of Legends Season 9
03:26 Resident Evil 2
05:13 Days Gone
07:18 Metro Exodus
10:05 Atomic Heart
13:06 Far Cry New Dawn
15:08 Anthem VIP Demo
15:33 PUBG Cave Map
16:03 World War 3 Update
16:34 World of Tanks: Mercenaries Core Breach Mode
17:08 Insurgency Sandstorm
18:13 The Beast Inside
19:37 Layers of Fear 2
20:27 Outward
22:26 Last Oasis
24:50 A Plague Tale Innocence
26:06 Kingdom Come: Deliverance Band of Bastards
26:54 For Honor New map & Executions
32:17 Kingdom Hearts 3
34:31 Life is Strange 2 Episode 2 Rules
36:15 WRC 8
37:09 Switchblade
38:12 SimpleRockets 2 Update
39:06 Junkyard Simulator


foble rudkovsky says:

pizdec razveli bl9t’

Ultra Hard says:

ending the best)

Kligard says:


Sergio Cobas says:

Im so impressed with Atomic Heart.
They are the best graphics for an indie game i never ssen

yowza234 says:

3:26 for anyone who wants to skip League of Cancer

Supermiloq says:

бля, хуевый игровой год будет, походу, одна ссанина выходить, может быть метро только выстрелить, остальное – шлак

DiscoDasko says:

oh yeah yeah

youtube profile says:

still no one twisted metal clone, some day maybe.

TukA says:

lol in 2k19 lul

arvenyon says:

Those For Honor Moves are getting out of hand xD

alanys XD says:

Where is last of us 2 ?

Cherrys Sandbox says:

now if only league looked like its trailers.

Faren Sabri says:

too many zombie games

fugu wa says:

11:46 my vegan nightmare

Abdelmalek Simerabet says:

20:28 The Elder Souls

Loek Bekker says:

no last of us?

Pavel Levin says:


Adam Baszak says:

say anything about the game, but they make the most epic trailers ever!

Xtreme Lan Community says:

that farcry looks lame

_ Princess says:

lol why new game ? omfg is just new patch… -.-‘

Conqueror's Blade EN & RU says:

Can’t wait to see our trailers in your upcoming videos!

John Doe says:

Way too many paid expansions/dlc.

Tired of companies intentionally holding back key content under paywalls

uHasioorr says:

Hmm… From this list I’m sure I will try Outward and Life is Strange 2(when it is complete), also A Plague Tale: Innocence caught my interest.
Maybe I will check For Honor and maybe I will play Metro Exodus although I don’t want to have to switch from steam where I have over 120 titles… :-/

Non got me excited.

IDen2fy says:

upcoming games for 2019: Walking Dead, Walking Dead Part 2, Walking Dead Part 3, Walking Dead Part 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9….

Jan Mischa says:

that vehicle moba is absolutely pointless and superfluous

Penultimate Hop says:

meh, trailers do not inform

soph leblanc says:

no idea why league of legends trailer looks so awesome yet the game concept is total shit .. wish they would invest in making some crazy games with the league characters not some shit game

MammasSkatt skatt says:

Recycled games from the past few years, the usual

Giuseppe Salles says:

Resumindo, Sion 1×5

Vincenzo Bertelloni says:

No , Assetto Corsa Competizione?????? Stunning graphic exceptional sound realism all over the place and is not on the list …but you added WRC8?! Screw you!! ….at least add DIRT 2.0 …this list except RE2 I fail.

Anton Balachov says:

where is halo infinity ?????

Star Killer says:

LoL is BDO now. Mystic and Lahn coming hahah

Jack says:

2:53 Fanny Mobile Legends LOL

BaywolfX says:

a plague tale innocence and life is strange are by far the most interesting for me

Paul says:

League should just do an animated series.

DeFuSe says:

The first is the best!!! lol

Tike Myson says:

so nothing good… 🙁

darkra123 says:

5 vs sion xD

Josh p says:

So much subtle (and unsubtle) freemasonic bullshit in these trailers.

IceWarrior85 says:

LoL league of legends is not a new game its looming date was the year 2012

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